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A3 Critical Error
93 1 2017-7-22 19:52:50
Andy Post
Flight distance : 172983
United States

We have three A3 flight controllers.  One with LB2 and two with Futaba.  All of a sudden all three are giving us critical errors.  The process is as follows:

1. We have calibrated the IMU in all three
2. The LB 2 system has the most recent firmware  One of the others HAD that version and we downgraded to  The third is brand new and we upgraded only to
3. We tested all three on the bench and had no issues at all.  
4. Went into the field, and recalibrated the compass (have to go a ways to get out from under class b so we can fly).  We sometimes will have to calibrate several times as the end gives us the red "you better try that again" led signal.  
5. Once we get a good calibration with regular green flashing LED, three things may happen.  And it can happen on all three systems
    A.  We'll watch it for a minute and the green flashing LED will go solid red...critical error.  As a corollary, it often will cycle from solid red to flashing green, solid red, flashing green.  (Batteries are fully charged so it's not a nearly low battery that is just throwing out a warning.  
    B.  As soon as we arm the motors, we get a solid red LED
    C.  All goes well, and we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  

At this point, we think our chances of having three bum A3's is slim.  But possible.  The odd thing is that it didn't happen the air conditioning...but happened when out of doors in the Texas heat.  Could this be the MC just warming up faster than the programmers imagined and throwing out an error from the barometer as the air gets thin in there?

Anyone else having the same issue?
2017-7-22 19:52:50
Use props

I have the following problem with the A3 flight controller. The basic connection of the controller A3 was made next to the parts that integrate them. When the device was first connected to the battery, the device switched on and the module carried the yellow flap of the blinking color. When connecting the PC and opening the DJI wizard 2 the device requested activation of the A3 controller. Activation was performed. When entering the control panel of the DJI assistant 2 two errors were found: interference in the IMU and interference in the compass. The calibration of the IMU was performed and the same was done, but the problem persisted. When attempting to calibrate the compass the device did not allow it. The A3 controller was installed on a D130 drone, it is using a Futaba 14SG remote control and its corresponding emitter. When trying to calibrate the remote control, no response was found. The remote control was accessed and from there to the option to calibrate, there was no effect on the channels that appear in the application. While the controller remains on, the piston ESC emits a constant Beep. The model of the frame was chosen to be used with the configuration of the motors, it makes the test test of the motors none of them worked. Procedure for checking with the Futaba remote control, this time the S-BUS2 port was used to establish communication with the remote control. By placing this configuration the status of the module changed and changed to blue. Additionally the led indicator of the PMU blinks constantly in blue color. When connecting the A3 to the PC through the USB port there is no response, the program DJI assistant 2 now does not work and does not allow the device to connect. We proceeded to remove all cables and do the installation again and the problem persists. The LED module remains fixed blue.
2017-8-11 07:10:44
Use props
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