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Help needed with Matrice 100
57 0 2017-8-9 03:32:40

Hello Everyone,
I have purchased DJI matrice with gimbal and camera and I intend to use it for precision agriculture, persuing an automated mission while taking pictures of the feild. I need software where i can design a mission, upload it to Matrice and it outputs me the whole image of the feild. So far I have been trying to use "DJI GO" but the software is little helpful in this regard. Once, in flight it gives me intelligent auto mode, where i can select waypoints mode. But this is not what i require. This mode only allows me to fly to a waypoint and then record it so the mission can be used again in future plus there is no feature for automatically taking pictures of feild. Firstly, my feild is very large and i simply cannot fly matrice to record waypoints and second, there is no automatic photo coverage. Can someone please help me about this? Please recommend me how can i achieve this mission through DJI Go or otherwise please recommend me some other software solution.

Regards, Usama.
2017-8-9 03:32:40
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