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Crash flip S1000 using A3 Pro on latest firmware
257 2 2017-1-12 20:38:47

Hi there.  I had recently upgraded the firmware on A3 pro standalone with s1000 which had previously worked.  The new firware required me to reenter the parameters in DJI assistant.  I did do a backup and restore also to make sure that it was saving the parameters.  Afterwards I tested all motor functions, did calibrations, etc.  Then tested the controller and felt the aircraft tilt in the directions the controller was pointing.  I then attempted to take off and it filipped over damaging the legs, propellors, zenmuse gimbal, arms.  Its a mess.  It sounds like the issue is in the firmare.  In the lastest email it says "A compatibility problem in parameter backup and recovery functions has been detected in DJI A3 and N3 series flight controllers. Regular use of these functions may lead to unusual aircraft performance.".  I certainly experienced this unusual aircraft performance.  Can you confimr this is the expected behaviour and what can you do to fix my aircraft?
2017-1-12 20:38:47
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I'm sorry to hear this happened. It would require for the unit to be sent in for further diagnostics to verify if it was a firmware issue. If that's the case, then it would be covered under warranty. To get started, you would contact for a RMA.
2017-1-12 21:25:14
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United States

I have an extensive amount of experience with many flight systems and platforms. The A3 system has serious issues. Do no fly any aircraft with this flight controller until someone can confirm what is going on. Some how some way a few drones are flying on this controller but don't don't be disillusioned by this.  For anyone shipping this controller, shame on you.
2017-4-17 17:55:43
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