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2017 New Pilot Experience™ --Event Schedule on May&June
11238 83 2017-2-21 21:21:25
United States

I agree Boston
2017-4-12 01:28:34
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United States

Why don't we all just take it upon ourselves to do our own.

Here in LA down LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT TO VAN NUYS AIRPORT (the tower knows about it) there is a club called the Valley Flyers.  It's been around since the 60s and it has a general clearance from the tower and there is a place for racers, quads, photos quads (and hexes and octos) and planes like you wouldn't believe.

There are all kinds of celebrity racers and fliers out there all the time.  The amount of knowledge is humbling.

We always schedule meet ups.

Want to start a DJI meet up for a specific group?  I'll take it on. I am an event coordinator anyhow on occasion.

If anyone wants to start a SoCal meet up, on a ongoing basis, let's do it. I'll spear head it right now.

PM me if someone wants to partner up. I like to work with people.

We can take donations of like $10 each and we can do things like have food, fly, contests, get sponsors, promoters, whatever.

My VLOG has thousands of people, I could get the publicity from that alone.

If anyone is interested, let me know.

I race and freestyle but I prefer my photo UASs over my racers but if there are racers here, the best go to the Valley Flyers.

It's in the San Fernando Valley between Burbank and Victory on Woodley.  It's a big as green field.  Can't beat it.
2017-4-20 22:41:44
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United States

LA or SF would be nice...DJI Care facility in LA could host?
2017-4-21 21:22:34
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United Kingdom

Got an invite to the event in Leeds uk. Sounds good.
2017-5-11 09:57:53
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