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Ronin MX Vibration issues
135 1 2017-3-15 15:45:05
United Kingdom

Hi everybody,

I bought a Ronin MX in October and it worked fine until now that I am getting some vibrations issues.I have always been balancing it properly, and it always worked perfectly, but suddenly now I get those vibrations:

Has anybody experienced the same problem?

Thank you very much!

2017-3-15 15:45:05
Use props
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United States

Make sure EVERYTHING is tightened down properly. Most of the time when I experience vibrations like this, it's because I forgot to tighten something.

If it persists and you're positive that you've balanced/tightened perfectly, increase the outfilter value on affected axes. It "filters out" high frequency vibrations. Start with low values, and increase until there isn't any vibration.
2017-3-16 10:15:20
Use props
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