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Phone Link and Verification (China)
166 1 2017-3-16 20:49:41

I updated the DJI Go app and today I get an update asking me to "Enter Mainland China telephone number" and Request a verification code.

So far I have been waiting for over 1 hour and there is no update on my SMS folder or anywhere on my phone.

Could I get some suggestion on how to address this?

The previous version was running without any problem
2017-3-16 20:49:41
Use props
DJI Natalia

The internet network is working fine, right? Please try another network connection and check whether you could make it, thanks. If still the same case, please try to PM me your aircraft SN, APP account and phone number, we'll help you check it.

Besides, to locate the problem, please help confirm the following information: Where's the aircraft located now? When trying to bind the phone number, you connected WiFi or 3G/4G internet? Who is your internet service provider? Which carrier does your SIM card belong to?

2017-3-16 22:33:27
Use props
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