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iPhone workflow / Saving video to PC?
117 0 2017-3-17 07:01:03

Ive had my Osmo for 2 weeks now.  I am on the fence.  The iPhone 7 plus jitter problem is real and makes the iPhone 7 plus unusable when walking.  My real problem though is just the workflow and storage space of iphone files in 4k.  I didnt consider the pain it would be to transfer files from dji/filmic pro to camera roll, then airdrop/upload to usb.  Its a real pain.  I have 20gb of free storage and while I understand 4K files are huge, 20gb gets eaten up really fast.  So i'd like to use 20gb, then save that somewhere else, then use another 20gb.   

I have two main methods to transfer files from iPhone to a different source.  Network usb storage (hootoo portable router) and Airdrop.  The Hootoo device works, its just slow, slow as in 3gb of footage might take one hour to transfer.  Airdrop is fast and managable (3gb of storage in a few minutes) however that means I need to carry my macbook around.

I wonder if something like an iXpand disk would help me.  Any suggestions on workflow?

2017-3-17 07:01:03
Use props
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