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Configuring RTK base with DJI Assistant 2
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I think there is a bug here:

When you configure DJI D-RTK (ground segment) it asks for "elipsoidal height" (without saying what datum and coordinate system)

I used a Trimble R8 GNSS GPS with the following measurements for the DJI D-RTK Base:

Lat: 42.16877139 N
Long: -8.68799987 W
Height: 523.294 m (elipsoidal WGS84)

With this good coordinates from Trimble GPS, the RTK is blinking all the time: red and green (not fixed).

But If I get the same point coordinates from Google Earth (not very good coordinates) like this:

Lat: 42.1669960
Long: 8.686421
Heigh: 456 m

Then  D-RTK works, the LED is "FIXED GREEN" (it Works).

But as you can see there is a big difference: 523.294 - 456 = 67.294 m

My questions are three:

(1) Is not very dangerous to Land or use waypoint with Google Earth coordinates in the D-RTK base since there is 67 m of difference?
(2) What datum and system is asking DJI Assistant 2?
(3) Why the DJI GPS (D-RTK ) is not accepting real and true GPS coordinates (WGS84) from a good Trimble GPS,
     but it is accepting not very good Google Earth coordinates?

Best regards,

Ramiro Alvarez Clavero
Remote Sensing Service
Center for Support of Scientific and Technological Research (CACTI)
Vigo University
2017-3-20 09:07:07
Use props
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