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267 3 2017-4-16 04:53:51

Hello friends,

I am the proud owner of a DJI Ronin.

Unfortunately, I have great difficulty connecting the Ronin with the Assistant app.
Even with the login attempt it seems as if the app hangs up.
Thus also no possibility to calibrate my Ronin on the way.
I use a Sony Xperia Z5 with the Android operating system.
Over the DJI support one gets only said that either the problem is not known or one should use an Apple device.
Getting such answers from a support is more naughty and absolutely unacceptable at the intense price of the Ronin.
Did you have any experience with the subject, or do you have solutions to finally be able to conclude with this painful topic !?
Updating the app does not work.

Best regards

2017-4-16 04:53:51
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You don't need an Apple device....what a horrible response from support.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it works "ok".  It does lose connection and sometimes I have to retry a few times to get the app live.

My alternative is to connect my laptop via USB....and the real-time response is much faster than over Bluetooth.

Lastly, within DJI GO app you can balance, calibrate and customize just like in the Android app and PC program.
2017-4-19 18:06:59
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DJI team
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Could you clarify what OS is your Android running on? Are you on the latest firmware?
2017-4-20 20:14:02
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I found this to be a problem with the app on A Huawei P9. It often does not connect. I just force quit the app and try again. If that fails more than a few times I re start the Ronin and try again.
If all else fails I found that uninstalling and reinstalling the app made it work.
Hope this of some help.
2017-4-22 12:36:00
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