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  • DJI Fly 1.0.8 - new security feature
  • Maybe not all people realized that in this new 1.0.8 version there is not only Manual WB and Vibration....
  • when will Mavic 3 available ?
  • I expected in the 3rd quarter for possible release, however, it appears it will be a bit longer. But actu...
  • Firmware V01.00.500 live for EU?
  • Got this pic from mini fb group. This is real? Active track?
  • Drivers
  • Is there anything like a consensus when it comes to using a particular set of screwdrivers?
  • #MyFirstFlight - Taking to the skies with the DJI Spark
  • I have always wanted to fly, whether in superhero fantasies or in teenage dreams of becoming an airplan...
  • #MyFirstFlight | Serenity | Black Sea Early Spring | DJI Mavic Mini
  • My story To expand the capabilities of my amateur video shooting, I needed a drone. Because it's not my m...
  • Behold the RoboMaster EP!
  • I generated the documentation in the SDK project and look what I found! It looks to me this is the same...
  • My 1st Wedding Film using the Mavic 2 Pro
  • Hello everyone, Hope you guys are staying safe from this pandemic. My brother and I filmed our very first...
  • New Osmo Action Firmware Released (25/03/2020)
  • Overview: Date: 2020.03.25 Firmware: v01.08.00.10 DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.2.20 DJI Mimo App Android: v1.2....
  • Mavic Mini v01.00.0500 Update and Active Track :D
  • Mavic Mini v01.00.0500 Update and Active Track :D Muhahahhaaaaaa
  • First MM flight on 1.0.8 FlyApp
  • Hi all, Had a first MM flight today on the latest FlyApp for Android. No problems at all. Many rapid man...
  • DJI Fly 1.0.8 on app store?
  • I got an update for DJI Fly @ version 1.0.8. Anyone else get this and does it affect the mini at all? No...
  • The Mountains of Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong
  • Hi all! Just wanted to share my short video of Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. This video includes some mu...
  • 'The Silent Islands' - Malta during COVID-19 pandemic
  • All my work and projects for next 3 month have been postponed or cancelled so I decided to capture th...
  • Isolation Cinematic Video using Dji Ronin SC, Osmo Pocket & Mavic M
  • Here is a little video I made using the DJi Ronin SC, Dji Osmo Pocket, Dji Mavic Mini, and Sony 6400.Its ...
  • This was my first flight with this little beast!
  • We need drone aerials of how dead your locations are.
  • The drone photos are the best way to capture how dead locations are. From the ground, we can only see so...
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