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  • Epic sunset over Black Rock peak
  • Remote ID on C1 mini 4pro
  • Hi all, Today dji has approved my upgrade from C0 label to C1 label on my m4p. But on a C1 drone, I need ...
  • S24 Ultra DJI Fly App
  • I've seen in another thread that the S23 wasn't supported yet, so I'm assuming this is the same case with...
  • [Mavic3] Seoraksan Mountain Towangseongpokpo Falls
  • Seoraksan Mountain Towangseongpokpo Falls
  • Closer | Under Construction ► 4K
  • It's been a slow winter, not much flying during these past months - but looking forward to warmer days...
  • Fly in More Places with A2CofC or A1/A3 Licence
  • Air 3 and Mavic 3 owners can fly in more places with the A1/A3 licence in Europe, and the A2 CofC in the ...
  • New DJI Mic 2 Firmware Released (01/31/2024)
  • Overview: Date: 2024.01.31 Firmware: v04.03.08.31 What’s New Added Transmitter Auto Off, enabled by...
  • The beginning of the end of drones? AI generated drone shots are here
  • You can now have AI generate drone shots out of text. Skip to minute 6:40 and 11:00 to see the samples g...
  • No recording on back up audio - no red light
  • Hi, we love the DJI mic 2 but all of a sudden it no longer wants to do back up recording. Red light will ...
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