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  • Droning under Big Brother
  • With Government coming down on drone hobbists at behest of special interests, is it time to start sayin...
  • Being paid for photos as a hobbyist
  • Good day, Please help me understand the raitonal as to why the FAA does not let a hobbyist sell their pho...
  • The Seasons of Utah #My2019Highlight
  • This video takes the viewer through the four distinct seasons in the beautiful state of Utah. Nearly all...
  • Jel ima netko iz Hrvatske?
  • Bok dečki, imam Mavic pro dron i želio bih znat gdje vi letite sa vašim dronom? Pozz
  • Android 10 and DJI Fly app incompatible.
  • My Samsung Galaxy S10 plus will not run the DJI Fly app since upgrading to Android 10. Upon opening the a...
  • Vancouver BC. Drone pilots
  • Hello . Any drone pilots around in Vancouver?
  • Good day and welcome in this video we are taking a look at the DJI'S new toy, The Robomaster S1. It is a ...
  • Mavic mini I bought is junk
  • I was excited to get Mavic mini drone. It felt like a toy. When I tried to fly it, I couldn’t. It had al...
  • #My2019Highlight Contest – Join and Win a Mavic Mini!
  • Introduction: Although a 2020 is here, the past year has given countless unforgettable moments. Maybe i...
  • Frozen World
  • Hello, I miss real winters and snow. Global warming is real. Here in Croatia every year there is less ...
  • Travelling with Spark #My2019Highlight
  • Hi all, Spark is still travelling and doing great. Here is latest edit from my trip to Indonesia and S...
  • DJI Fly App Crashing on Samsung S10 using Android OS 10
  • DJI Fly App has been crashing every time I try to open it, since the december 31st update. I have a Samsu...
  • Newbie Question
  • This may be considered by some to be a dumb question, but I'm going with adage of "the only dumb question...
  • DJI Fly APP on big screen device?
  • I just watched a video about the video editing features of the DJI FLY app. I was somewhat aware of it fr...
  • Just Mini! #My2019Highlight
  • What you can do with the DJI Mavic Mini?For sure, have fun
  • New Smart Controller Firmware Released (10/01/2020)
  • Overview: Date: 2020.01.10 Smart Controller Firmware: v01.00.0650 DJI GO 4 App: v4.3.28 DJI Pilot App: v...
  • Mavic Mini Release Notes (12/31/2019)
  • Overview: Date: 2019.12.31 Aircraft Firmware: v01.00.0400 Remote Controller: v01.00.0400 DJI Fly App iO...
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