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  • Remote ID - FAA Fail. What it means and how YOU can help!
  • Hey all, perhaps the most important Video to the drone/quadcopter community was published on our channel...
  • Unconcealable: Hillsville, my video submission to HGTV
  • The American TV network goliath that's HGTV (Home and Garden Television) recently requested small tow...
  • Mavic Mini Problem
  • My remote says that "RC not connected to mobile phone". App is DJI fly app. My phone is Samsung S7 and i ...
  • Fog with love
  • Just as I drove home through the fog the other day, I noticed it started to retreat. Luckily I had a batt...
  • What would You Pay for Active Track on Mini ?
  • Imagine DJI would add in-app-payments for the DJI Fly App. And would sell Active Track at an Option. Yo...
  • Dji drones have an emergency shutdown. has anyone here ever had to use it mid flight and if so what was t...
  • ITALIA - consiglio acquisto drone
  • E' un pò di tempo che sto pensando di prendere un drone per curiosità e capire cosa ci si può fare di ...
  • Good day and welcome! In today's video, we shall take a look at how to create timelapses using Davinci Re...
  • Winter in the Swiss Alps
  • Was hiking in the snow yesterday. This time with my own music:
  • "Fictitious" last known position, "invented" by the Fly app
  • Perhaps one of the users can give a hint or a moderator of this forum forwards the problems to the softwa...
  • Unable to update firmware for my Dji Mavic Mini
  • I'm having issue with my newly-bought Dji mavic mini. It was okay when I first tested it to fly & capture...
  • #My2019Highlight - A day in PARIS
  • A day in PARIS By jP I shot my day in Paris like a cinematic footage. Paris is always a beautiful place....
  • Customer Service frustration
  • Is anyone else frustrated with how DJI handles its customer service? It always seems like they cannot pro...
  • Aircraft encoder error 0x800008
  • Hi everyone. I want the solution. For my phantom 4 dji. The problem is aircraft encoder error 0x800008.
  • #My2019Highlight - Sea to Summit
  • Sea to Summit By Rene Padillo Music by All videos/photos was taken entirely using . Last year I've ...
  • Valentine's Day Sale | Capture Love with Exclusive Offers
  • Valentine's Day Sale Capture Love with Exclusive Offers Europe | 10-14 Feb, 2020 Americas | 7-14 Feb,...
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