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Most stable way to run GO4 app on Android?
745 2 2017-6-13
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I post this on the P4P forum because that's where my train of thought started :-) ...

There are many threads on here bashing the P4P+ controller. I've stayed relatively quiet about it because I did not see the huge minuses: Mine runs stable and I do not care about installing other apps.  After this experience, I'm even more in love with the P4P+ controller:

Recently, I purchased a Mavic, and then had the chance to use my cellphone's GO4 app, and I have CONSTANT annoying crashes, on two different cellphones (Samsung Galaxy S7+ and a Galaxy S8+), one of them I factory reset it and intended to dedicate to being the Mavic controller (the S7+). I have a GO4 app crash at least once every 10 minutes of flight time (This also happens on the S8+).  This makes flying the Mavic dangerous (need to reload and reconnect the app mid flight) and certainly not fun.  Making it worse is the fact that my Mavic flight records have never been complete because of these mid-flight app crashes: According to my flight records on GO4, I've flown my Mavic a total of 2 minutes, with a total distance flown of 68 feet :-/ .

Anyone have any suggestions for running GO4 on Android more stable? I've seen that for some people turning off landscape mode (or turning off screen rotation) works, but not for me, on both phones it still crashes roughly every ten minutes. So far the most realistic tip I've seen is to buy an Apple device and not use Android, which sounds like an awful suggestion: It forces me me to spend several hundred USD on a device I should not need.

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There are also Apple users with crashes. So that's not a solution.

I have the same problem with the dji go app crashing every time I go flying. And multiple crashes too.

I don't know what to do anymore.
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Aloha gabriel,

     Your reasoning about starting a Thread here makes perfect sense but you should also hedge your bet with a Thread in the Mavic section.  There just may be a Mavic user who has solved your problem and never had a Phantom.  And just forget about getting a iPhone or iPad because they have their own issues and are very expensive.

     Are you using a remote controller or just flying with the phone?  Have you tried flying in just Airplane Mode?  Do be aware that a "Factory Reset" can often reinstall many of the "Junk" apps that help pay for the product.  These apps take away processor time and RAM use from flying.

     You should probably dedicate one of the Phones to the Mavic.  This means you have to go into the app settings and disable or uninstall all apps that are not actually making the phone work and are not involved in flying the Mavic.  When that is done using Airplane Mode will keep downloads and app communications over the Internet from taking processor time and RAM away from your flights.

     In the apps management settings sometimes in the upper right corner of the apps that are listed is an option to only allow manual downloads.  These are sometimes only available for single use but unless you reinstall the Android OS, they do keep the downloads to a minimum.  If these are working properly, you do not have to fly in Airplane Mode.  If you want to play it safe, just use Airplane Mode if you do not need maps or the Internet.

     Hope this helps!

Aloha and Drone On!
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