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626 1 2015-3-15
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                                                                                                                                            APP v1.2.0.17 IOS v1.0.2

                        Hey guys,

First of all, thank you for all the informative posts and all the helpful people that have made this forum a good place to start and find the information that's so lacking on the Inspire Platform.

Finally, and after appropiations comittee  (aka Wifey) approved budget for it I went down to Florida and on my way passed by a Dealer to pick up the Inspire I had bought the same day. It pays I had been reading these forums to see what not to do as far as ordering.

They only had the single remote, but I already ordered the second one, along with a couple extra tb48's batteries, a hard case (which I do have) and other "goodies" I should receive sometime next week.

Anyways, after reading all materials, updating firmware, Calibrating IMU, Compass, RC, checking up and practicing on the Simulator, and triple checking everything I went for the first little baby step... just a short flight... a very unineteresting video to share, and a great first experience.... I cannot believe how quite it is when compared with my Phantom 1 (customized with Carbon Props).

Love the bird.. gotta be honest... after staying informed on EVERYTHING these forums have to offer since December, and even though I have come from flying 600 model 6 channel helis, over close to 10 years now... I was more than nervous to have some erratic behavior... because of this, and because it is the first flight I kept everything very slow, to just to get "feel for it". The bird is very responsive, very fast at stopping on GPS mode, but smooth and stable on camera feed. I had no GPS issues, no compass issues, no signal issues...even when I flew almost straight above me... I know... there is no distance but maybe about 200 feet separation from me at the farthest, so maybe this had something to do with signal not breaking.

Anyways, I can see how many issues described might be caused by Pilot error, and how some definitely might not be.

Here are some pictures taken with Ipad yesterday while setting it up, a single picture of the 6 recovered from production and a short video excerpt downsized to 1080P. from .MOV full res at 4K. (again... not glamorous...pretty boring).

Thank you all again... hopefully this is the beginning of a great streak of experience with the Inspire 1.
By the way.. Neighbors knew and were ok with me flying around their backyards as I did.




Use props
Flight distance : 239035 ft

Congrats!   Great location for your first video, very picturesque.   

Yeah, you'll find you get incredibly confident really really quickly, it's a beautiful machine!

Have fun!
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