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CrystalSky 5.5" Initial Review
1262 3 2017-6-24
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Alessandro Gara
First Officer
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United States

DJI CrystalSky 5.5” Review
Weight w/o battery: 234.76g
Weight w/ battery: 406.91g
Weight w/ Mount and Mavic controller: 1,010.20g
Product Pictures:

Initial review and observations
Size and Feel:
-          5.5” is a good size for Mavic Pro as the screen is a bit bigger than iPhone 6s / 7 or Google Pixel style phones
-          No official mount from DJI so we created our own, I am sure theirs will be a bit lighter.
-          The Mavic Pro w/ iPad Mini 4 (my go-to setup) weighs in at 980.63g, so the difference to me is negligible.
-          The CrystalSky 5.5” over the iPad Mini 4 seem more compact and “tighter” on the Mavic Pro controller than the iPad Mini 4. (Non-Official mount)
-          Metal bezel and back are ridged and textured to prevent scratching.
-          Buttons have a solid “click” feeling to them which reassure they are being pressed.
-          Ports are all on one side making wire clutter easier to manage if you are plugged in.
-          There is no AC power on the CrystalSky 5.5” screen.
Setup and Initial software review:
-          Setup was extremely easy. It even connected to your 802.1x authentication network with ease. Typical DJI Go setup with activation.
-          The country list seems to be in no apparent order which made it confusing to find our country during setup.
-          Screen even though not matte seems to be have much less glare than iPad mini 4.
-          View angle is much better than iPad Mini 4
-          CrystalSky 5.5” has 5 buttons on the side:
o   Power
o   F1 – Customizable (Max Brightness, WLAN, SRE, Screenshot)
o   Settings
o   F2 - Customizable (Max Brightness, WLAN, SRE, Screenshot)
o   Return
-          Ports:
o   HDMI out
o   USB
o   Micro-USB
o   Headphone
o   Dual SD-card
-          Software:
o   Main screen:
o   Explorer
o   Applications
o   Settings
o   Quick Settings
Overall the screen is very well built fit and finish wise, and seems to be a decent size and weight. The hot-swappable battery is def a plus even if it sticks out a bit from the back. The customizable buttons are nice for quick changes. I will be doing some daylight testing tomorrow out in direct Florida sunlight during the day and compare it to the iPad Mini 4 and iPhone 6s. I will also check out the SRE feature which seems to enhance certain parts of the image on the screen.
If you have any questions or features you want to see please let me know and I will be more than happy to try and answer them for you.

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United Kingdom

hi can you record the screen with the flight data on ? would it work plugged into a p4p+? cheers
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Second Officer
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United States

Brightness compared to iPad Mini 4?  Is there anyway to download and run Litchi?
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Second Officer
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I just received the cs5.5 yesterday.I noticed i can use the DJI Go app, but not the DJI Go4, it give me a message"Unfortunately DJI Go4 has stopped", can you help and advise. Thanks
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