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Micro USB cable stopped working after 1 charge
733 1 2017-6-29
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Hey guys, hows your experience with the usb charging cable (for the controller) ? Is it normal that its useless and you need to buy 3rd party cable? I was able to charge my RC 1 time, now it wont start charging unless I angle the cable/controller and hold it like that. Theres no damage on the cable, I only used it once. Cable was not bended or damaged in any way.

I only had Spark for 14 days now, and I dont think this would fall under warranty, but I received a faulty product. Can i request new cable from DJI or should I just buy one on my own ?

If anyone can share their experiences with DJI cables if they had to replace them.


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Have you tried to use other USB cables to charge the RC? Or have you tried to use this cable to charge the battery via the USB port of the drone? If yes, how is it going? Could you please provide a short video about this issue for better assistance?
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