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Timelapse gimbal not stable.
723 1 2017-6-29
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So, today I recieved my Osmo+ and tried it out. First I insatlled the latest firmware of course.
One of the things I found exiting was the timelapse feature so I thought I would test it.
First I tried to make a short walking (hyperlapse) test but when I played the video back it was a total disaster, more shaky than if I had used my DSLR handheld.
So, I tried to walk reeeeeally slow and ninja like but same result. When I look through the iPhone I can see how "off" the frame is as the exposures take place.
I even tested to sitt myself down completely still holding the Osmo with both hands aiming at the same point. EVEN THEN the frames shifted sideways and upwards now and then.
I did these tests both with the lock funcion and without.
Isn't the Osmo supposed to handle stabilizing during timelapse? If not, what's the point having a timelapse feature?
Am I missing something here?

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i may have kind of the same issue. Tried my Samsung s8 hyperlapsfunction when held by Osmo mobile. The video shows a swirveling motion like its seasick or something. Go-app was running in the backround. Dont know what to do. I have not had time to check all yet, but still a issue on my to-do list =P
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