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The reason the Spark is so good...
660 2 2017-6-30
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rick bernotas
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United States

Literally my 4th or 5th flight with a drone ever... I had just carried it down to the pond to try out Activetrack following the paddleboard.  It was the first time I even tried circle with the Activetrack.  It was super windy, and my first flight over open water.  Not ideal conditions for a newbie to drones!

No remote, just my phone with the wifi.  Palm launch, and my 8 year old kid landed it with the palm land.  Anything bigger than a Spark and I wouldn't have carried it down to the pond with me.  I put this video up on youtube that night.  My channel is miniscule, irrelevant.

A producer from Good Morning America / ABC contacted me the very next morning to try and use the footage in a segment they were preparing on paddleboarding.

I turned them down, for reasons, but it highlights how amazing the Spark is.  It's so easy and quick to catch these kind of shots that you literally wouldn't even have the opportunity with a larger, more cumbersome, and harder to use drone, without setting up the shot WELL in advance.
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United Kingdom

Is that dirty wake normal for that lake when she 1st sets off. Cool footage though. Whats with the bubbles in the background - Croc!!!!!!!!
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Second Officer
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United States

I've been wanting to track my kayak, but need to seek counseling to get over my fear of flying over water.  Cool video.
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