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H4-3D Gimbal Shaking (vibration)
2108 1 2015-3-17
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United States

Would someone please watch this video, as I describe the problem I have in detail.

DJI Phantom 2 (v1)
GoPro 4 Black
H4-3D Gimbal (with phantom 2v1 adapter bracket)
White dampeners (that come with it)

I have shot on the H3-2D Gimbal with both GoPro 3+ AND recently the GoPro 4 Black with no problems whatsoever.  I recently upgraded to the H4-3D Gimbal and right off the bat noticed signifigant "shaking" of the camera.  I never once had anything like this with the H3-2D.  I've flown with and without the anti-interference board, plus I have adjusted the 'gain settings', as I've heard some people recomend.  Regardless, I continue to have the vibrations.  The only thing I have not tried yet is switching to the black dampeners...however I want to do that only if I'm truley convicned that'll solve the problem because it's quite a chore uninstalling the gimal in my opinion.

The interesting thing is...the vibration is not noticable at all on the GoPro Footage (except for just a little bit at times) I'm not super concerened about it...but, I would really like it to stop shaking.  It could be my imagenation, but I'm almost convienced that it's making the Phantom slightly more difficult to fly.
-Michael (Nashville, TN)

Use props
Flight distance : 57070 ft
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Hi, Mikeisi

1. Get rid of this gimbal adapter  thing - just enlarge the hole in the Phantom enough to fit h4-3d gimbal (you can use dremel)
2. Use the black dampers  the soft ones 40.
3. Make sure all the screws are sitting tight
4. Make sure that all props are brand new or properly balanced.

Use props
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