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GEO system unlock error: "Please Try Later"
605 1 2017-7-4
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United States

So I recently got my Spark in the mail (finally!) but literally the day beforehand a fire broke out near my town, and I live between it and the airport. Obviously, air restrictions were put into place (yellow ones on the map) and it was understandable. Some idiots still flew in the way of the firefighters though, shutting them down for a few hours, after which the fire grew from 100 acres to over 800. Made me wish they had this restriction in place.

But AAANYWAYS: So I try to fly the thing, only to run into the notification that says I have to be authorized to unlock. I go and find the unlock thing ( and put in my information ("Spark" drone model, location, dates, flight controller serial number) at which point I use my credit card to confirm (or do phone confirmation) and it tells me that verification is complete, and GEO authorization zones can now be unlocked.
So I click proceed, only to be greeted by a screen saying Error - Please Try Later:

Moving on, after confirming that my Spark still couldn't fly, and that (in the app) under general settings -> unlocking list, I'm being told that the unlocking list is empty (big surprise):

Finally, last thing here: My brother suggested that maybe it's a web API thing, and that if I looked at traffic going to the site, I could identify a connection problem of some sort. So I did; I hit f12 in chrome, and used the inspector to analyze the traffic, and see:
  • {status: 407, msg: "The level of GEO areas can not be unlockable."}
    • msg:"The level of GEO areas can not be unlockable."
    • status:407

This is what I see after I click "proceed." Now it seems to me, going by that last part, that the information about what is lockable/unlockable is incorrect. If this message is accurate, it means that not all yellow areas may be unlocked.
In any sense, I hope this is something that I can get past, because I really just want to fly the thing through my yard. This no-fly zone has something like a ten mile radius, so I have to drive pretty damn far to find someplace to try it out. If anyone has any hints as to what I could possibly be doing wrong, or what I might have to do to get this unlocked, I'd really appreciate it! If not, maybe someone from DJI can clarify what's happening here?
edit: Not sure how to get rid of the 3 images at the bottom, lol.

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DJI Mindy
Flight distance : 7 ft

Statici, we are sorry for the late response, could you happen to provide us the following information so that we can help you out?
1. The version of the APP;
2. The version of the flight control's firmware;
3. Flight controller's serial number;
4. The latitude and longitude of the Authorization Zone you want to unlock.
Thanks for your time.
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