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Flight distance : 130230 ft
United Kingdom
Offline ... army-of-diy-hackers

I'm starting to worry that even my responsible, legal activities are under threat
Use props
Flight distance : 388642 ft
United Kingdom

From now on, we can all blame the hackers for any activity thought to be illegal, might actually be a good thing since everybody knows it is very hard to beat the hackers!  The legal fliers may get better rules as a result.

Odd that the hackers are trying to justify what they are doing and then post photos from 10,000 ft altitude over a city.  Even if USA amateurs believe they have a right to fly at 10,000 ft without obtaining permission, it is clearly not sensible to do so over a city where there is inevitably going to be other air traffic and when using a drone that does not have any form of redundancy in it's propulsion system.
Use props
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