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Realistic expectations of WIFI
475 0 2017-7-9
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So after weeks of flying my Spark Fly More Combo I have been very happy with the overall experience.  The reason I am very happy is of course I have realistic expectations of what the Spark can do, specifically since the Spark uses regular WIFI.

Since we are talking normal WIFI between the Spark - Remote Control - Mobile Device/Tablet I play with my Spark with the following setup:
- Now use a Micro USB to USB Cable from the Remote to my iPad Mini, ... 0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
- Have the honest expectation of being able to fly the Spark in open areas at a distance of 1,000 feet and under 400 feet altitude, for me personally, there is no reason to try to fly further with the Spark knowing it is simply using regular WIFI.  I ALWAYS keep my Spark in line of sight
- Always use the Remote Control, I don't use just a mobile device or launch from palm and gesture controls.  I want to ensusure GPS is set, Home Location is set and using the Remote Control I will get the best WIFI experience
- Make sure that the antenna are in the "up" position, not sticking "out" of the Remote Control but "up", thing of making the universal peace sign with your fingers
- Ensure that the Remote Control, really my shoulders are always aligned with where the Spark is flying.  If the Spark is hundreds of feet away, I am always facing the direction of where the Spark is and keeping it in between my shoulders if that makes sense.

Why the OTG or Micro USB to USB Cable you ask?  When I was just using WIFI to connect my iPad Mini to the Remote Control, whenever I tried using Sport Mode, I would lose connection or the screen would lag.  Now using the cable I have no problems with Sport Mode.  I just want to simplify my setup and having the iPad Mini directly connected to the Remote Control makes this simple for me.  If I ever have connectivity issues it is only between the Spark and the Remote Control.

PS: Dronie has never worked for me in ANY setup that I have tried.  Not going to open a ticket on this because it seems a vast majority of others are having the same problem.  Rocket works, Active Track works, haven't tried Circle or Helix because I don't trust those modes yet.

NOTE: Make sure to fly in non congested areas like parks, fields, etc.  I don't fly near my house because I live in a big community where everyone has WIFI networks in their house and that will cause even more interference between your Spark - Remote Control and Mobile Device/Tablet.

At the end of the day, remember it is JUST regular WIFI that the Spark uses and regular WIFI is everywhere!
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