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Altitude and decent problems
409 1 2017-7-9
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Flight distance : 57513 ft
United States

Hi today i went out for my 5th flight with my my spark and about 3 min i noticed that the altitude reading read 5.2ft while i was atleast 60 ft up brought it back down then back up signal is good still wrong reading so brought it back down only to have it come down like a fpv racer and i mean all but fel from the sky .called dji and reinstall dji4.0 did nothing now i got go back to the store and get another they wanted me to send in no way i only had for four days .and my luck ill haft to wait for two weeks to get a new one my luck

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DJI Natalia
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Just want to verify, how about the environment when you went out for your 5th flight and noticed the altitude problem? It's foggy or not?
You have get a replacement from the dealer, right? Please fly in a suitable environment and check the performance.
Keep us posted, thanks.
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