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Connecting multiple monitors/screens for client viewing
2802 3 2017-7-12
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Richard ND
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Hi all, first post so play nice...

I want to understand if there is a limit to the number of 'external' monitors you can connect for client viewing of live footage?

My ideal set-up is this: Inspire 1 with slave controller to allow second user (not pilot) to direct camera etc.  So far so good.

Also, any ideas (in an ideal situation) how far apart the slave and master controllers can be? i.e, once paired do they need to continue to talk to one another, or is the slave jsut talking to the drone gimbal?

I would also like to show the live video feed on a number of other monitors.

As assume you thenconnect the HDMI cable to the back of the slave controller and then to the monitor/tv? I not a TV/HDMI expert, so can you get adapters that will act as an HDMI splitter so you can connect more monitors?  Does HDMI allow this? I'd love to be able to add 3 or four monitors if possible.

Finally, is there a degradation in quality the longer a HDMI cable is?

Appreciate some of these questions may be more suited to an audio/visual forum!

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I am planning on doing something similar to this in a few days. I have been testing things out and found the best option for my needs. To start, yes, you can obtain an HDMI DA that will amplify and split the signal out without very much degradation. You can get these in many different sizes but sounds like you are looking for a 4 x 1. After testing the way that you were describing, I found that the slave HDMI out just wasn't as solid as using the pilot RC HDMI out. This is a big bummer because it is much easier to park the slave unit somewhere and use the master RC as the mobile one. Instead, I am going to have to stay pretty much put while i pilot and have the HDMI coming out to the monitors. Hope this helps.
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Hi all,
do you need a specific monitor to connect to a RC controller?

thank for your help.
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rwynant V1
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If you have an HDMI OUT on your controller,  then you just need a powered monitor with HDMI "IN " and the cable..... I have a 21" monitor powered by a 12 VDC Deep Cycle Marine battery/ 400 watt 120 VAC Inverter in my SUV.  I test ran it connected to my Inspire 1 RC for over an hour......worked great.

Inverter: ... erter/dp/B00S9S8G8I

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