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374 0 2017-7-16
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I have been looking at drones for a while and I have been trying to decide where to spend my money. I know I want a dji but there is almost too much choice. let me preface by saying I am a father of 4 and just cant afford to buy more than one drone. It is a purchase that I will only be able to make once for at least a year or so so I want to make sure I purchase the right one. I am also not a pro photographer so as long as I can get full HD i am happy. I am really stck between 3 drones at the moment.
The spark- I feel this drone would be the funnest for the kids with the gesture modes and all but short flight times worry me a bit cause I have a few hobby drones that fly close to 10 min and the fun seems to end early. I also hike alot in state parks here and the small size makes it a good hiking drone. (and for anyone who wants to know yes it is legal in missouri to fly in state parks I called the main office in Jefferson City and as long as it is a day use area and not a camp ground it isnt an issue if you are being respectful and safe) I also worry about the range, not cause I want to fly dangerously far (I would not fly out of line of site) I just dont want to have to worry about interference when flying.

The mavic- cause its a mavic!!! LOL but seriously the portability and the fact if flys for so long I love. But the price is a bit harder to swallow for someone who wont be making money with it. I would almost undoubtedly want the fly more combo so its a bit more than the spark. while I feel I would love this drone I dont know if the price vs the spark flymore is worth it for me at almost twice the price. I also worry is this too much drone fore me since I am just flying as a hobby.

Phantom 4- I have sseen some good deals for the phantom online but the size seems to be my hang up here due to the hiking and traveling we do as a family. however the video quality seems amazing and freat flight times plus probably the most stable of the bunch. alot of my other worries are similar to the mavic.

So what I am asking is what would someone recommend for me? as a hobbyist and not a professional. I do tinker in hobby quads so I can fly them pretty well so I am not a total new pilot. I do want something to take decent video. It is a family hobby so I do want to be able to share it with the kids. I am not so worried about price but dont want to overspend if a cheaper option will fit my needs. Mainly though I cant get two at this time so I need help picking the one that would fit me best. It is hard to watch videos and choose cause everyone in those are so biased and no one seems to break down cleanly what I need to know. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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