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Months after release still no props for 3k investment
889 0 2015-3-21
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United States

DJI at first this was a joke. Then it became really irritating. Now, it is almost April and I still cannot get a spare set of props for my 3k investment?

This is insulting. You communicate nothing to the community (YOUR CUSTOMERS) and provide absolutely nothing.

You are a billion dollar company and you cannot figure out how to mass produce propellers? You are in freaking China. Everything is mass produced in China.

The few times I have asked I get treated like I am an inconvenience to your "Customer Support" team who dont seem to give a crap about any of their actual customers.

Other than the fact that I LOVE my Inspire 1 every other part of the DJI experience has been a customer service nightmare.

And I am not the only person who feels this way.

Start to care about your customers or you will start to lose them.

Use props
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