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Question about Wifi strenght and Spark behavior
415 1 2017-7-23
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Hey guys,

I'm  about to travel, the day was rainy and I needed to lower my spark battery to below 50% for transport, I turned the AC and the RC, connected them to my phone ( Samsung S7) and left it only turned on, above a table, then I thought how far I can be before I loose connection, then I got the RC and I went to a very far room inside my house cloing all doors and stuff to reduce Wifi signal for my surprise connection was good at 5.8ghz barely changed from all 5 bars to 4 bars, but during this test something strange happened, when I was far waiting for it to loose video feed or say that it was with low signal, it instead gave me like 3 times compass/gps error, just like that empty house, I was for 5 minutes after turning on with the drone and RC together no issues, I moved away this happened, somebody saw this behavior? Maybe this could be one of the fly away reasons?
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Unfortunately any type of testing performed inside a house usually doesn't yield the best results.  Way too many variables.
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