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spark intelligent mode and RC problems
668 1 2017-7-24
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United Kingdom

Hi All
I wonder if any of you could lend some advice

So I bought a dji spark without a controller and I was able to see the option to fly with intelligent modes like active track, rocket etc using just my iphone (it appears as an icon on the left-hand side normally). I bought  a separate Remote controller and can fly it with that but now i dont see the icon for intelligent modes on my phone whilst i fly it with my RC. I also cannot connect to the spark with just my iphone anymore as no spark wifi turns up on my phone (i have the controller turned off to try this).

So is there a reason why I can't access/see intelligent flight modes on my iphone screen when using my controller?

And do you know why i can't connect with just my iphone anymore? and how to do it?

Any advice is much appreciated

Use props
First Officer
Flight distance : 196837 ft

you have to hold the power button on the spark down (while it is turned on) until it beebs twice to reset the wifi
Use props
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