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First impressions after a week and 10 flights.
422 2 2017-7-25
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Adriano Araujo
First Officer
Flight distance : 731565 ft

Have had an spark for a week. Airborne 10 times ´till now, and I must say that I am very well impressed.
Mine, hopefully (still in its “infancy”) never showed any strange behavior. It´s rock solid. Range is good (fly less combo), and flight time is about 15 minutes.
I´ve had a Phantom 1 (with a dongled GoPro), 4 years before. Sold cause it lacked gimbal, FPV, Lacked intelligence (compared with the Spark it was an amebae), was shaky but mainly it was big, BULKY. Once I tried to take it with me on a bicycle ride. Not worked.
Now, with the spark, I can take it with me everywhere – even inside my business suitcase. Not need even a remote – I use my phone which is always with me.
There is a big quote that says: “The best camera is that one with you”, and this fits perfectly to the Spark.
Spark is simple, fast, intelligent, small and stable.
I only need one (or two) extra batteries
What evolution from my Phantom 1. ;-)

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Flight distance : 31089 ft

Hi Adriano,

Good feebback!

The spark is my first drone and I love it!

Do you have some issues with the gimble that is tilted?

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United Kingdom

Hey Adriano

Thanks for posting this - really good to hear. There's a fair amount of negativity/ issues raised on these forums, often rightly so by those who need help, so it's reassuring to read a happier post!

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