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Optional camera on my M600PRO/Z30 combo.
935 2 2017-7-26
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Dear fellow pilots. I have a M600PRO with Z30 camera on DJI gimbal adaptor. Yes, this adaptor is the one which looks same as on Inspire 2 for X4S and X5S cameras. I would like to make my M600 more versatile and mount any other DJI cameras. My question is simple: Wil any of other DJI payload work with this M600/Z30 combo or am I doomed to switch gimbal any time I want to change payload? For instance i am about to byu a multispectral sensor and it would be nice to have X3 or X4S as a FPV camera.Thank for your oppinion.  
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You may connect only  X3/X5 series/XT/Z3 via this adapter: ... al-mounting-bracket

And you may connect Z30 with this adapter (as you have done, I guess):

You cannot connect X4S, X5S, and X7 because they do not have processing unit inside. This processing unit has been moved on to the drone (Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series) therefore these cameras are compatible only with these drones.

Also, Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 series are compatible with Z30 (natively via the 80-pin V2 connector) and XT (via adapter due to XT has the V1 20-pin connector). Other 20-pin-V1-connector gimbals (X3/Z3, X5 series) might be connected to these drones with V1-to-V2 adapter ( but they are not supported in DJI Go 4, I guess.
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sya Posted at 2017-11-16 05:03

You may connect only  X3/X5 series/XT/Z3 via this adapter:

I wonder if DJI will make an adapter that will support the new X5S on the Inspire 1 and M600? The adaptor looks like an easy solution but I want to use the newer cameras on the older birds. Sure hate to buy a completely new mounting bracket and then buy the new adaptor you mention in order to make it work. I really would like to have the X5S but will not buy new aircraft to support that dream.  
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