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920 1 2017-7-26
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This is the first firmware update that I've seen that needed to update each battery on the AC.  The update service notes make no mention of anything being changed with the batteries, but they are being updated. Could this have something to do with the Spark shutting down mid-flight and dropping out of the sky?  I hope so. Why else would anything need to be changed with the battery? I hope this is the case as this is the most troubling problem seen with the Spark IMO.

Before the update to the APP, AC, RC and 3 Batteries, I could fly with wifi and never got any interference warnings. After the update, I get the interference warning and am recommended to turn off bluetooth. I never had to turn off bluetooth before. It's no big deal. Just reporting what I've found. In my case, the OTG cable worked exactly as it did before the update. I still got the 'this isn't compatible' warning (I'm on IOS), but once I dismissed that, it worked just fine. I turned off wifi and kept bluetooth off. I wanted to turn them back on to test it, but never got around to it. I don't usually use the OTG cable, but perhaps I will more often now.

The AC seems very stable and I like the new gimbal settings. I like a slower gimbal travel, so that's nice. I haven't really tried any of the new gesture additions, The gesture mode kind of freaks me out. Controlling the AC with just my hand makes me kind of nervous. I did it once to try it and once may just be enough.

Waiting to see if the reports of falling out of the sky go quiet as well as other issues before I fly too far or over water.

So far, so good. I am feeling better about this AC. So, that's a good thing.

PS, if I were one of the people who lost a Spark in the water and DJI did not replace it under warranty, I would think that the update to the battery would be further evidence that it was the fault of the craft and not the pilot. Just my opinion.  I really feel bad for those who lost their brand new drone in the water. Especially those who the spark was their very first UAV experience. Not a good start in the hobby or a good first impression for DJI. If you want those same customers to come back and get additional products, this isn't the way to do it.
For example, I'm planning to add either an inspire (or a Matice) in the future and I've also got my eye on a Ronin. The over-reach on the geo fencing may change my mind and cause me to look elsewhere - see how that works?
Good customer service and support (as well as good products) makes people want to spend their money on your stuff. Say what you will about Apple and I know they're not perfect. However, their products are very stable, well built and their customer service is the best I've experienced from any tech company. I really could go on and on with stories that happened to me and other friends that make you just want to give them your money. Again, If you hate Apple, that's your business. My experience with them has been nothing but positive. Just saying.  I'm tired so I'm rambling.   :-)
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good read here.  more theory to add...

well updates to the battery could be a number of things.  for example, maybe security update to prevent fakes, maybe a new passcode on the batter.. or just better accuracy with its internal readings...  then again they could have found the bug and patched it..

it is impossible to say until someone dumps the firmware written to the batteries and compares it.  of DJi confirms changes.

    my guess is DJi probably did 2 things with the battery update.. they probably changed passwords/security  to help block fake clones causing issues.. and they probably updated sensors.....

sensor update doesnt mean it wont fix the power cut issue..  in fact it could be a fix.  it just depends what may have caused some of them to cut power ...  it could be invalid readings causing it.. for a split second one of the cells reads wrong maybe negative 3.2 Volts Instead of plus 3.2 volts.  if that actually occurred a single cell going below voltage would cause an emergency cutout.  protection would and should kick in to save the battery pack from fire hazard it could become   

that's nature of lithium.. lithium doesn't give you second chances, once it's in a runaway state it runs away.. thermal runaway, overcurrent run away, or anything..  either way once runaway occurs, nothing protection can do.. that's why it will cut early, usually with plenty of energy  that can still be painful is still left.

it can be fast fiery run away or a slow run away that takes a few minutes which can be more dangerous.. think nothing more will happen, seems ok..  taking your batteries back inside and then they erupt...  this applies to temperature as well.. say temp reading  suddenly says 1000F instead of 100F, one extra zero.. the protection will kick in... same with over current.. if sensor sees something like 5000 amps instead of 50 amps.. etc etc
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