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WiFi Best channel selection...
986 1 2017-7-27
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Hello, I'm happy with my Spark (flymore combo) since over a mounth, never had a flyaway, nor a mid-flight shut-down, nor a crash or loose of control...  Only a little disappointed by video quality when distance exceed 70-80 meters... even when  I'm on OTG Cable....
As far as i know, Parrot Bebop Searches the 2.4G or 5.8G bands at power-on, then it "negotiates"  the best channel with the  RC... is it the same for Spark or is it necessary to choose the channel manually? Sometimes I don't see any way to change the WiFi channel on the DJI Go 4, the WiFi section on the settings shows no option...
Who can please suggest a way to have "peace of mind"  that Spark and RC are communicating at their best?
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I think we still need to learn about the spark transmission and channel selection. hopefully DJI does tell us about it at some point and allow us to choose our own.

on my android (honor 6x) i have the option to switch the channels only when im NOT using a USBOTG, when its wired the option doesnt exist and its just "HD"

via wifi i have the option but never actually got it to work on 2.4. as soon the spark restarts to set it to 2.4 i cant find the remote with my phone.
ill always switch to 2.4 and then connect the usb to get to 2.4.

in a german multicopter forum someone measured the spark and its seems its transmitting on 2.4 and 5 at the same time.

but ill always get 5G and thats really bad in CE countries. the video lags and artifacts on 5G  even if the spark is right in front of me.

the new firmware didnt change anything in that regard and im hoping for DJIGO4 v4.1.4 im stil on .3
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