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Batterie don't charge up to 100%
943 4 2017-7-27
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Hello droners!
I bought a new Phantom 4 Advanced last month, and since the beginning the battery has never be charge up to 100%. Only to 88% maximum, and sometimes 87%. A few days days later I bought a second battery on Amazon, and I still have the same issue... the second battery charge up only to 88% too....
It's not cool for the price of these products...
Have somebody the same problem than me?

I contacted the DJI Support, they advise me to completely discharge the battery and try to charge again... and did it, I have discharged the battery to 1% and charge the battery, but it would not resolve the problem.
They say that UPS come at home to send my batteries to repair, but 3 weeks later I'm still waiting on UPS visit....
Bad, bad, bad...

However the  drone flies correctly, but I'm a bit crazy during the flights because as the battery don't charge up to 100%, itt means that there is a problem and also it's possible to have during a flight a problem with the battery and that the brand new drone crashes....

Thank you for your feedbacks.

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Rubenrtvd, sorry for the unpleasant experience with our product and confusion by our support.
The pickup service need to be reserved by yourself or you can bring it to a local post deposit with the shipping label.
We apologize for the inconvenience  caused, please send in the battery as soon as possible.
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NEVER discharge a LiPo to 1% !!

Never go below 10% unless absolutely necessary. Quickest way to destroy a LiPo.

FORGET all this about DEEP DISCHARGE .... even DJI now do NOT advise Deep Discharge - the DJI Rep who did suggest this is not observing latest DJI information.

Given the facts as presented that ALL batterys are doing same - it says to me a faulty Charger or unlikely but possible Telemetry data ... if just one battery - then yes probably battery fault. But not if all do it.
How are you registering the charged level ? By LED's or by onscreen display ? The LED's are a very poor innacurate way to do it .. all 4 LED's on means anything from 88 to 100% ...
I would switch on battery and use a DVM (Voltage Meter) to actually measure total voltage of the battery ... at full charge it should be 17.2 ~17.4V  .... (15.2V is storage nominal level)

I would try to find another P4 flyer and test charge your batterys on HIS charger ..... see if you get 98% or higher ... Note it is rare to get 100% as the DJI Smart board prevents true 100% ...
Last : I hope that you do let the charger automatically stop ? Do not manually stop the charge. You wait till all LED's go out after all the various flashing etc. of charging.


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United States

Here is some information on the Battery Safety Guidelines for the Phantom 4 Advanced. Let us know if you have any additional questions: ... delines_V1.0_EN.pdf
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solentlife Posted at 2017-8-3 01:40
NEVER discharge a LiPo to 1% !!

Never go below 10% unless absolutely necessary. Quickest way to destroy a LiPo.

If te battery temperatur is cold you will can discharge your battery below 10%.

You can fly about at 30%. Once the battery are cold again, you can discharge below 10% your battery.  The fine is not work with high battery temperature, over 42° the cell initial to have  a damage.

I have a p4pro battery iver 200cycles , 80%healt, 17,16V. Voltage 100% full charge.
I think just 20 flyght again and then go on the bin trash
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