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Will a Inspire 1 Controller with HDMI Work on a P4P
523 1 2017-7-30
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Mike Mas
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United States

Hello all!

I'm trying to get back in the air so I'm looking at snagging a P4P but need HDMI for the client. It appears the P4P controller does not come with HDMI output? except on the Plus model is that correct?

I've also heard the Inspire 1 transmitter will work on a newer P4P, so I'm thinking of using one of my two Inspire 1 controllers on the P4P to  have access of the HDMI feature for video proofing for the client at the field. I have a Atomos Inferno 7" HDMI monitor/recorder/scope I use on my Panaosonic GH5 which I use also use with my DJI equipment.

Has anyone tried this Inspire 1 HDMI combination on a P4P?

Thanks in advance!


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DJI Susan


Phantom 4 Pro controller without screen does not have HDMI for now, but you can install the HDMI module by your end: ... -module?from=search

We do not suggest to use Inspire 1 controller on P4P as fully test has not been done and the performance can not be guaranteed.
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