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video lags choppy on 2nd battery
538 2 2017-7-30
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[ Last edited by dv8ed In 2017-8-2 18:09 Editor ]\n\nAnyone encounter video lag choppy video on second flight? First flight is great but 2nd flight live video is choppy, lags quite a bit. Using RC w/ WiFi would prefer to keep it WiFi then use OTG. Would like to use DJI Go 4.1.4 so I can do 180 pano

Wondering if anyone else has this issue.

Spark AC Firmware 500 / RC Firmware 300
Samsung Galaxy S8+ set to FHD, airplane mode only WiFi on
DJI GO v4.1.4 video cache turned off

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Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is disabled, try to fly the drone in different open areas, if it is still the same, please export the black box data for analysis and provide a short video about the lag issue for better assistance, thank you in advance.
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Sorry where can I turn the video cache off ? Thanks
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