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I live in the windiest part of the universe...
482 2 2017-7-31
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United Kingdom

I was never really aware of it before I bought a Spark, but this is sooooo frustrating.

I'm being really careful so if the wind is up at all I'm just not flying. When I've pushed the Spark high (about 50 Meters - not that high!) I've had high wind warnings, so brought it back down again quickly. I'm looking at other people's videos really enviously. I'm not sure if this is just a windy spell we're having or if it's always like this and I just haven't noticed, but I get to fly about 1 day a week and even then I'm geitting my teeth whenever there's a gust.

I live on the west coast of Scotland about 1 mile from the sea. I guess that's the problem.

What speed wind do you think it's safe to fly in?

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Oracle Miata
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United States

I've flown it successfully at wind speeds up to 15 or so Knots.  It's actually quite good in wind, and actually I find it to be more stable in wind then the Mavic.  If you are uncomfortable with it though, then I wouldn't do it as it may cause you to make a mistake.  
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Then theres this guy!
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