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No help from DJI support for 45 days with DJI Refresh
573 1 2017-7-31
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I have turned to this forum after reading several posts from customers with similar situations.  
My case number is CAS-719370-G5Q0D3

On 6-14-17 while flying my new Mavic Pro, the drone took a sudden dive into the wall of a 4 floor apartment building followed by dropping all 4 floors directly into the ground(pavemen). It was devastating to me at the time, but the exact reason I had purchased the DJI Refresh program the day I bought the drone.  I submitted my claim and paid the deductable on 6-16-17 then shipped my Mavic Pro on 6-20-17.  UPS tracking shows it having arrived in Vernon, CA on 6-26-17 which google maps shows as about 30 minutes from its destination at the west coast DJI repair facility in Cerritos, CA. After about 7 days, the tracking showed zero movement from it's last scan in Vernon, CA and I decided to call UPS who informed me they did not know where the package was and would start a Lost Package Investigation that could take up to 8 days.  On the 8th (aroudn 7/11/17) day I called UPS back and determined that they still had not located the package and were in the process of varifying the value of the lost package with DJI so that they could reimburse DJI who would then take care of me.  At this point I reached out to DJI. After nearly 45 mins of waiting on hold I spoke to a representative who I brought up to speed with my situation to then be placed back on hold for nearly 15 minutes. After the second time on hold I was told that he had spoke with the "Logistics" department at DJI and that he had informed them to reach out to UPS and confirm the value of the lost package. He also let me know that once UPS reimbursed DJI I would receive a new Mavic Pro promptly. He also stated that I would receive an update via email regarding this within the next week.

So today is 7/31/17 exactly 45 days since I started this claim.  I have spoke with DJI and UPS 4 times since 7-11-17, each time being told the same thing.  UPS claims they have been waiting on DJI to varify the value of the package they confirmed lost on 7-11-17.  Each time I speak with DJI I have to completely start over, re-explain my entire situation only to be put on hold then told that they spoke with the "logistics" department and that I would receive an update via email with int the next week.  I have been told this exact same thing 3 times over the past 3 weeks and have yet to receive any email update. In fact the only emails I have ever received form DJI were the confirmation of purchase of my DJI Refresh plan and the email containing the return label after the claim had been issued and deductable paid.   

At this point I am discussing the situation with a relative who is an attorney as well as reaching out to the Better Business Bureau to see if I can gain any insight as to how to deal with a company that does not follow through on paid for services as advertised. I will also be filing a report later today with Apple as the local Apple store was where I purchased my Mavic Pro. I have read several threads on this forum where people seem to be going through nearly identical situations and receive more help form the online moderators than from the actual Customer Service call center.  At 45 days with zero assistance I have essentially lost faith entirely with DJI as a company which is a complete shame as I rather enjoyed the drone when it was working. However this level of poor service is enough to tarnish even a fine product. Why would anyone pay extra to insure an already expensive device if it means waiting over a month without so much as a single update as to what is happening with ones claim?

Is anyone here able to provide any insight/advice regarding my circumstance?
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I sympathize with your situation, and apologize that you’re experiencing difficulties.
I have reported this issue to the appropriate department, who will look into it and help you get an update soon.
We will have someone to contact you for details later, please sit tight while we are reviewing, thanks for your patience and understanding.
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