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Hyper focal distance explained
789 3 2017-8-4
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I'm wondering if DJI-Mindy or another staff can explain infinity focus a bit more. I know there have been a number of posts on this issue.

What is the hyper focal distrance at wide open that the infinity focus is supposed to set the lens to? I understand the infinity focus function is not working right now but if we want to manually set the hyper focal distance then what should we set it to?

How is the infinity focus supposed to work? If we set the lens to wide open and set the lens to the hyper focus distance - then everything from 50cm to inifinity should be clear. However if at this point we want to push the lens to a telephoto setting, then should the initial hyperfocal distance continue to provide acceptable focus? Or do we have to then choose another focus point on the lens?

Can you provide a list of hyperfocal distances for each focus points on the lens from 22mm to 77mm?

The reason for these questions is we are developing an app using the DJI mobile sdk along with the OSMO+. We are running into the same focusing issues as other people on this forum. The focusing issues are very difficult to overcome. It would be quite helpful to not use spot focusing to obtain the correct focus point. Instead, for the OSMO+ x3 there should be a command to directly set the hyper focal point as the lens goes from wide to telephoto.

One solution that would work for our use case is as the lens goes from wide to telephoto, for us to manually set the hyper focal distance for each focal point. Then we could decide when it was worthwhile to issue a new focus command while zooming or wait until the lens stopped moving.  

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I do would also like to know this.

Half the time I have had my OSMO+ is has been nothing but a paper weight.
I spent many months when I first got the OSMO+ with focus problems
Then it died and I had to send it in for repair.
Then they broke the focus again.

The warranty runs out on this OSMO+ soon and I have only really had it for a few months in working order.....
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Hi, there, sorry for the late response, I have confirmed with our R&D engineers, it is not convenient to provide this parameter.
For infinite focus issue, we are aware of this and are working on it, please note the firmware release recently.
Appreciate your support to DJI.
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I don't own and OSMO+, but I thought about getting one until I read all this focus nonsense. Really not sure how most compact point and shoot companies can get it right and yet DJI, which owns a majority stake in Hasselblad and is essentially a camera company (with wings) can get it so so wrong. Sounds to me like the Osmo+ belongs in the R&D lab still. Sorry to all the owners out there. Being a P4 owner with bad firmware, I feel your pain.
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