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The DJI Phantom 3 Standard, A Drone Everyone Should Have
2058 1 2017-8-5
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I'm Kevin and I love making aerial videos and looking at the world from a whole new prespective, like everyone else, I started small, getting a toy drone and flying it around taking good video of everything around me.

However, I have always wanted awesome video and that is where the DJI Phantom 3 Standard came in, it sports stronger motors, gps position hold, altitude hold, automated fungtions, an awesome camera with the ability to record up to 2.7k, a mechanically stabilised camera gimbal that provides silky smooth footage, a long range, automatic return to home and many more.

With all these features, the DJI Phantom 3 Standard can record extremely smooth video anywhere, anytime and no matter what the conditions are, go to high speeds of  62kph, fly up to 1km away, view what you are recording live through the DJI GO app and much more without any experience with flying drones before, hours and hours of painful editing are now not needed as the phantom 3 standard has a built in 3 axis gimbal, rendering optical image  stabilisation useless, check out this footage taken from the phantom and one from another drone without a stabilised camera, you will see a profound difference between the Phantom 3 standard and the other drone in the videos.

not stabilised drone

Phantom 3 standard

With that stability in the video you can be your own videographer, making professional videos without the experience in editing or shooting professional video. In the past, aerial photographers would need to stabilize the video and do all sorts of things to get the video Smooth but now with the Phantom 3 standard you can create what used to be something you usually see the cinema 2 years ago yourself. and with the intelligent flight modes such as the point of Interest and follow me mode what used to be something someone will have to learn for years can be done simply by a push of a button. While keeping the drone safe at all times without the risk of a flyaway.Flyaways can be heartbreaking especially with an expensive drone like the Phantom 3 standard has a feature called smart return to home return to home loss therefore diminishing the risk of a flyaway. The slightly below happened to me some time ago before I had the fan resend it now with the family standard you can bridge the gap and flower valleys and stuff without worrying about losing your Phantom Over the Horizon.

the DJI Phantom 3 standard has good range that can help you two shots which would just no longer impossible or had to get some help from a professional films to do with helicopter. such shots demanded a lot of precision long ago, but now with the DJI Phantom 3 standard you can take the shot easily and cost-effectively from your own hands.

I highly recommend that everyone gets one of these phantoms as now DJI is selling these phantom 3 standards at $499 and refurbished at $399, current smartphones are more costly than this and i think it is a steal! Go get one of your own and become your own aerial videographer!
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Thanks for that, it was amazing and educational at the same time.
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