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The best LOG viewer?
1596 0 2017-8-10
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First Officer

Hello everybody, what LOG file viewer do you prefer?
Since i´m new to DJI products i have learned a lot DJI specific things since i have my spark and know about those Fly-Away and Drop-Out-Of-Sky Issues.
So i´m always checking some of my flightlogs.
I know about the DJI Go4 App internal LOG Viewer, and then there is Airdata UAV and the DJI Flight Log Viewer by PhantomHelp.
But i noticed that neighter of them shows all flight related messages!
On my last flight i had the Warning on the APP that Controller Battery is low, that i do not find in any logs.
Then i had a Connection Lost Message with the Question displayed if i want to trigger a Come Home, this event also isn´t shown in any logs
BTW i always thought that the Spark will Come Home automaticly when a connection loss is longer than 3 sec with the controller.

Use props
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