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M600 Pro with D-RTK
1850 3 2017-8-10
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Taz Flyer
Second Officer
Flight distance : 161588 ft
United States

For those of you who have an M600 Pro with the D-RTK Installed, when at a new location, what us your pre-flight process? I was on the phone with DJI support after a small 'crash' (no damage, just need to replace three props), here's what happened.

1) Status indicator on M600 was flashing Green / Blue (P-Mode GPS and D-RTK being used).
2) D-RTK units, both indicators Green.
3) DJI Go App - Safe to Fly.
4) 12+ GPS
5) Auto Take Off.
6) M600 hovers - gear up
7) M600 Starts to drift and dip, also slow spin
8) I put Gear down, desend to a foot above ground. Kill motors.

This is what DJI said I need to do to avoid this in the future.

Flights in new location (I was about 50 Yards from my last launch site).

1) IMU Calibration
2) Compass Calibration
3) Make sure in an open area (which I was, no buildings or structures for 100 yards, no power lines)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

BTW: I was lucky it could have been really bad.


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Taz Flyer
Second Officer
Flight distance : 161588 ft
United States

DJI Matrice 600 Pro w/D-RTK – Crash #2

Right after lift-off (auto take off), the M600 drifted to the left and I was not able to regain control. Here are the steps I followed (after talking with DJI support early this week after my first minor ‘crash’). While waiting on parts for the D-RTK bracket, I had flown the M600 4 or 5 times without the D-RTK, and had no issues, in fact it flew very well. After reinstalling the D-RTK, I did the following.
1)        Checked both the D-RTK and Datalink Pro code versions, they were good.
2)        Checked to see if the D-RTK Ground unit and the D-RTK air unit would sync, during power up. (Ground unit first) The M600 flashed Green and Blue, Both D-RTK Ground and air units had ‘Green’ lights.

Before Flight

1)        IMU Calibration – Passed
2)        Compass Calibration (at flying site, about 100 yards from the house, open area) – Passed
3)        Powered everything down.
4)        Powered on D-RTK Ground unit. Waited for ‘Green’ Status light.
5)        Reset the D-RTK Ground unit (per DJI instructions) held the little button in for 3 -5 seconds, got green light.
6)        Powered on the remote controller and iPad, made sure controller was ready.
7)        Powered on M600, passed all checks. Got Green and Blue status light.
8)        Checked remote controller GPS status (shows D-RTK GPS positions), all good.
9)        No ‘Warnings’, Ready to go.
10)        Auto lift-off.
11)        M600 drifts left, no control, used emergency motor kill (kind of worked, motors increase speed before they die, flipped M600).
12)        Not so Funny note, after the M600 flipped, the gear come down (or straight up in this case).
Post Flight Analysis
I have checked and recorded all the settings from the D-RTK system (Below). At this point I feel I will just fly without this additional system. The support from DJI is not very good, I don’t feel the support team really knows this part of the system. The documentation is VERY unprofessional, lots of stuff on how to physically install things, but actual configuration settings (software and hardware) are almost non-existent. Hopefully someone from DJI will respond to this post, with some answers.
The M600 flies Great (I have the Pro) and is doing what I need it to do, I needed the D-RTK for an upcoming project that I might back out of now.

D-RTK System Settings

1)        Ground Unit:
a.        D-RTK Processor – V1.0.0.21  2017.1.5  Current
b.        Datalink Pro Base unit – V1.0.0.12  2016.08.26  Current
i.        Run Mode = Broadcast Mode
ii.        External Switch - UART
2)        Air Unit:
a.        D-RTK Processor – V1.0.0.21  2017.1.5  Current
b.        Datalink Por Base unit – V1.0.0.12 2016.08.26  Current
i.        Run Mode = Broadcast Mode
ii.        External Switch – UART
Matrice 600 Pro Settings
1)        M600:
a.        V1.00.01.20   2017.05.02   Current
2)        Light Bridge 2
a.        V1.1.60   2017.04.20   Current
I have all the data logs from the M600 for this flight.

I will also open a case with DJI Support.

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Flight distance : 315938 ft
United States

Sorry for your situation but thank you for the excellent reporting.  I am just about ready to buy the RTK for my M600 so this is very concerning...please keep us posted on new developments.
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Taz Flyer
Second Officer
Flight distance : 161588 ft
United States

     DJI Support is doing an analysis of the problem. I uploaded all the flight logs off the M600Pro. Got an email from them yesterday, and they are still looking at it. On thing to note the Data Link Pro system has to be in Full Duplex Mode NOT Broadcast mode (which is the default). Once I hear back from DJI Support, I will give it another test flight, and report back.

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