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H4-3D buzzing?
430 0 2017-8-14
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United States

I just installed a H4-3D on my F550 with Naza-M v2 and a Hero 4.  Managed to get everything configured and latest firmware updated, but  when I tried it out I find it buzzes at various locations in the gimbal.  It is severe enough that i can feel it strongly at many different parts  of the gimbal, and it is pretty loud in the recorded audio. I imagine  it is going to effect the video quality. After moving the craft around  by hand for a few minutes of this the gimbal motors were pretty warm to  touch. It seems to come and go, and the place it gets most severe is  when it gets close to the transmitter. There are some times when it  makes no buzz at all, seems to come and go as I move it around.
Should I just return it and get a new one? I have found a number of  posts with this problem but mostly on H3-3D using Hero 4 having balance  issues.
Appreciate any help!                
Use props
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