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3rd Party Liability Insurance - Where to get it?
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New Zealand

Hi guys,

I'm off to Thailand in January 2018, and was wanting to take my P3A. But Thailand have recently brought out a law that requires any drone with a camera, to be registered, and to be registered, you need 3rd party liability insurance that will pay out 1 million baht.

I live in New Zealand, and from the looks of it, after sending many emails to companies and insurance brokers, its not possible to get 3rd party liability insurance for someone who is just using the drone as a hobby.

Does anyone know where I can find a company that will insure me? Will a company from a different country (AUS, USA, UK) do this, or is that not possible due to not living in their country. Or should I just say to a insurance company that i'm using it for comercial use by making youtube videos that I plan to make money off (even though im not)?

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Kuya Kano
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Check into "travel insurance".  I know they insure property in case of being lost or damage, however I can't confirm if it includes "liability".  People purchase travel insurance all the time when they go on vacations and it is intended for international use.
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