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Is there a "hidden" feature preventing Ronin-M from rotating too far
927 2 2017-8-19
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I have quite some issues lately, I'm certain it's because the cable is broken, however the warranty on my Ronin-M apparantly expired a few months ago... too bad for me.

The issues started with random spinning at high speeds, and this resulted in the cable being to tight, and then finally a broken cable.

Now, I've been wondering why the Ronin-M didn't have any counter measures to ensure the mount does not rotate too much. It's a very bad design flaw if the cable can be twisted so tightly that the cable just breaks. So I was inspecting my Ronin-M, and I suddenly noticed an ever so slight "roughness" when turning the mount upside-down. It seems, after inspecting the up/down axis, it has two metallic "things". In one there's a screw, and the other one seems pointless.

However, it now looks to me that the other wasn't as pointless, after all... If I'm correct, the other metallic "thing" should be held back by the black casing around the brushless motor. This happened, ever since I bought the gimbal it could just spin around uncontrollably, as it did when I first turned the gimbal on. After a few tries in the beginning, the gimbal started up correctly.

I'm afraid, my problem now, was actually caused by the uncontrolled spinning right from the beginning. The uncontrolled spinning broke/scraped of the black casing, which should've held the gimbal back to prevent the cables from curling up too tight. And now I'm left with broken cables, with an expired warranty period.

Am I correct in saying that one of the metallic bumps, should've kept the gimbal from spinning too far, and because the black edge of the casing was somehow scraped of, the preventive measure was rendered ineffective? And because this was scraped of, the cable could curl up too tight, resulting in a now broken cable? (I can clearly see the black casing is really rough edged, at the spot where the "metallic thing" touches it.)

In my opinion, if this was actually a "counter measure", it surely wasn't much of it, especially when it scrapes off the metal, while testing it, out of the box, for the first time. I never even knew there was a point where it couldn't go any further.

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I am setting up my Ronin MX for the first time.  The purpose of using it is to shoot orthographic photography.  The range of movement in the camera gimbal does not go a full 90 degrees.  Is this a set up/calibration error on my part?  Should I somehow balance the camera gimbal so that it is balanced about that axis?  Thank you.
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