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A2 Gain Settings
820 2 2017-8-29
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I believe there are some language issues when dealing with DJI.  I do not speak Chinese and therefore I am not in any position to criticize DJI for their commendable, but imperfect English skills.  So, I will apologize in advance if this post is offensive, I do not intend to offend.

The gain control settings on the A2 that we are currently using are  very confusing.  When launching a large multi rotor worth many thousands of dollars, we need a comprehensive understanding of the effects of each of the settings in both the "Basic" and Atti" columns.   How does the size (mass) of the vehicle  influence the choice of these settings?  Are there any interactions between "Basic" and "Atti"? What would be a reasonable incremental change in these values in tuning the craft for flight ie 10%/step vs. doubling or halving etc?

We are considering an A3 Pro controller for another multi rotor and having spent a significant amount of money on repairs to the existing system (crashes), it would be helpful for DJI to provide this information rather than forcing the end user to search forums and YouTube for solutions.
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i asked here a few time if someone has the older software version for the wookong and A2. could you help out with older version of them? i lost my laptop with all of them on it. you could do a wetranfer to  thank you
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Much of the questions you are asking may require some answers through your A 2 Assistant Software settings which you can get here:

I would start at factory default settings and work from there. Check out this link between pages 16-20 for more assistance on this point.
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