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Testing camera post repair, what's the norm?
665 0 2015-4-1
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Flight distance : 307431 ft
United States

I recently got my inspire 1 back from repair.
If you're not familiar with the repair and crash click here: 4K crash / repair

Since then, I have been tinkering around with some tests to make sure everything is up to par. I'm having some concerns about the camera and would like more input. I'll be doing more tests as I go and building off this thread.

So first up:
How much grain is too much grain in a shot? input from other forum members please.
Here is a clip from a flight earlier this week: Grainy 4K Clip  (Download original RAW file to view) Filmed at around 4:40pm.
Camera settings were:4096*2160 24fps.
ISO 100.
Shutter at 800
ND filter ON
LOG color Profile
Sharp: 0
Saturation: -3

I know the inspire 1 is not a low light camera but is my camera grainier than normal? Would shooting at such a fast shutter speed result in this much grain?

Use props
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