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Return gesture would not work at all
541 1 2017-9-5
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Flight distance : 19488 ft
United States

After having my Spark now for a month and having only had one issue where the RC disconnected from my phone (Spark was connected to RC), i decided to try some gestures yesterday.  The first time it worked fine. After replacing the battery started a new flight with gestures. everything started fine, Spark responded to video record, then I did the away gesture and it went back about 8 feet up about 2 and started following me fine.  Sudently it lost me, and from that point on I could not make it follow me or return. Tried the Y hand gesture over 10 times, and nothing.  So I tried a photo gesture and bingo, it took a photo. Still it would not respond to the return command!  I had my RC on my pocket so I turned it on, waited for the green connect and was able to bring it down.  
Anyone else had a similar experience. I was not crazy about the gesture mode flight but now I am just not interested. I will stick to using my RC. Works just fine.

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DJI Elektra
Hong Kong

Firstly, please ensure that both your rc and drone are the latest version. Did you change a mobile device for check?
Then,please watch the video below and check your operation.
Here is the instruction of beckon:
1.Please confirm that the front LEDs are solid green.
2.Raise your arms in a Y shape for 2 seconds. After recognizing you, the aircraft will descend to around 1.5 m, and fly to the front of you around 1.2 m with Obstacle Avoidance turned on.
3.When the aircraft is flying back, it will keep tracking you until the front LEDs turn solid red when it is hovering.

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