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Spark (maybe others) still running Android KitKat?!
740 1 2017-9-12
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Last I heard, the Spark was running Android Kitkat!  While that is great news (from an Android developers point of view), I have a big problem with that.  The fact that KitKat is seriously outdated.  Given the specs of the Sparks internals, it should at LEAST be running Marshmallow, if not Nougat.

The ART runtime alone in both Nougat and Oreo are a MAJOR advancement over Dalvik, and the outdated KitKat base.  It's too bad DJI has chosen such an old system.  Heck, when the Spark came out, KitKat was old!  Not only would ART be a huge upgrade, but changing the filesystem to something like F2FS, or maybe EXT4 (might already be, I have no idea) would be a great help.

I would love to help, but unfortunately all the things that make Android so great, such as open source, and the ability to contribute fixes (would still have to be approved by DJI in the end) could really help boost the footprint of the DJI lineup (that uses Android, which sounds like all of them).  It's not cracking open the drones to everything, but allowing people to contribute fixes, performance enhancements, and more.  Why not use the Android developer community to strengthen the drone scene?  I think it's seriously worth a look!

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