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TIPS on 107 Waiver Application
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Capt Whitefoot

United States

Last month I requsted a 107 Waiver.  
The application process was very easy and free, and they replied to my request within a month.  
However, due to my simple explanation of why I was requesting the waivers for "Daylight Operations" , "Line of Sight Operations" and "Increased Altitude", it was disapproved due to "lack of information".  It said that I could re-apply with more concise information and clarified what information they wanted to have more specificly explained in my request.  

My suggestion to everyone who is applying for any form of Part 107 Waiiver, is be as thourough as you can in the decription and explanation boxes where the FAA asks for information that ensures the safe operation of the UAW.  

For those interested in applying for enxtended flight permission from the FAA, Here is a link to the FAA Part 107 waiver application:
FAA Part 107 Waiver for UAW restrictions

Feel free to share your experiences with your own applications.

107 Waiver Disapproved

107 Waiver Disapproved
Use props
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